Thursday, May 26, 2011

Random Thursday...

I missed out on Random I am doing Random Thursday today...

  • Yesterday I went to Cullman and saw Cassie and her family.  We were going to go swimming but her pool was a little green.  LOL.  (from the rain)  We had a really good day.  Afterwards, we all met Tim at a Chinese place and ate dinner.
  • After Cullman, Jill, the babies' and myself, went to Montevallo to pick up Baby Girl and LB.  We were stuck on I-59 forever because of the AWFUL wreck that I mentioned yesterday.
  • After a busy week, I decided that I wasn't going anywhere today.  I have sat in my PJ's all day long and it has been wonderful!!!
  • I have really enjoyed spending time with Baby Girl and LB.  They haven't spent the night with me in a little over a year and I missed them a lot.  Teenagers these days keep you very entertained.
  • We have had a ROUGH month with all of the tornado's and storms coming through Alabama and the winds are horrible today.  The power has been out over an hour or two.  A friend of mine had damage to her home and her dog pen.  Her yard was full of broken trees and limbs.      ; (
  • Tomorrow is Friday which means I get the weekend with my Hubby!!!
  • I cleaned Boog's room and it took me over an hour.  Messy little booger.
  • Charlotte and Cheech hate storms and they are trying to break out of their pen.
  • That is all for now, LOL.

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