Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Boog

The Boog was born on August 21, 2008.  He was 4lbs 3oz.
I had Preeclampsia when I was pregnant with him and delivered at 32 weeks due to high blood pressures.  As a first time Mommy of a preemie, I was so overprotective!!!
Boog grew really fast.  This is a picture of Boog and Boogie the dachshund.
I never knew that a person could love as much as you love your own child.
This is Mommy's little chunky smiling man when he was around 5 months old.
Mommy's football player.  I have the most handsome baby boy. ; )
He was 1 in this picture.
Boog had just turned 2 in this picture.
My soon to be 3 year old.

Time flies by.  I want my children to know how much their Mommy adores them.  My life is worth living because of this child.  Mommy loves you now and always!!!!!!

1 comment:

Whitney said...

Aww this made me cry Lou-Lou!
I know Boog knows you love him. :)
It's hard to imagine he was ever that tiny.
I'm so glad he's such a healthy, vibrant, talkative little boy!
Love y'all!
♥ Aunt Bit-Bit