Monday, May 23, 2011

New tires.........

Friday I took my car for an alignment and was told I needed front tires ASAP before they separate.  Today I took my car to Bob's Tires in Gadsden.  It cost me $162 for two new front tires.  Whew!!  I had to take the babies' with me and thankfully they both were really really good.  I had to wait over an hour.  Boog tried gum for the first time and he chewed and chewed while I constantly reminded him not to swallow it and then he swallowed it.  No gum for him for awhile.  That was the only candy machine in the waiting room and he begged and begged not understanding that he really didn't know what to do with gum.  I should have brought more snacks.  The first 20 minutes we were there, the Princess and Boog cleaned me out of Cheerios.

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