Thursday, May 19, 2011

9:30 PM.....Do you know where your kids are?

I can't help but hear them.  LOL.  I am about to give the Princess a bath and then it's bed time for the Miller crew.  It has been so AWESOME getting these kiddos to bed at a decent hour.  Why am I blogging at 9:30?  I am bored, there isn't anything on TV worth watching and I miss my Hubby so very much.  Is it Friday evening yet???  I fixed Chicken Alfredo for dinner and I had to force Boog to take one bite.  He hated it. ; (   Why won't he eat???  The Princess eats anything and everything (including the carpet)!!!!  Boog is so picky.  Sometimes I have a hard time sleeping thinking he may be hungry because he didn't eat that good for me throughout the day.  He loves fruit and a few veggies but isn't keen on main entrees.  Any advice in this area from an experienced Mom of a picky eater would be greatly appreciated.

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