Sunday, September 25, 2011

The next three months...

     In a little over a month it will be Halloween!!!!  I need to find costumes for Boog and the Princess.  I asked Boog what he wants to be but, I don't think he understands.  LOL.  He says, "I don't know!".  I think he would make a wonderful policeman.  I would love for the Princess to be a bumble bee or lady bug.  Boog only weighed around 5 pounds his first Halloween so we didn't take him trick or treating.  He was a bumble bee when he was 1 and superman at 2.  The Princess was a lamb last year.  My sister is coming down this weekend & we are going to find some outfits.
     In a little over six weeks, baby girl #2 will make her appearance.  I am excited and scared.  LOL.  I am super excited to meet her.  I am terrified of surgery.  After two cesareans, they do not get any easier for me.  The entire process literally makes me have an anxiety attack.  I sound silly, huh?  I just have a huge fear of surgery.  I can take shots & IVs like a champ.  Epidurals and my belly being cut?  Ugh, not so much.  Hopefully, I won't stress out too much.  I can't wait to meet the little ninja in my tummy.
     In three months, Christmas will be here.  I love Christmas.  It is my very favorite holiday.  I love my Christmas tree and all of the decorations that go with it.  If my hubby wouldn't flip out, I would put it up now.  Ha ha.  I love the weather and spending time with my family.    I can't wait!!!!  I need to start shopping for presents asap!  I will have 3 kiddos to buy for this year.
     My husband starts a new job tomorrow.  We are both excited.  For the most part, he will be working from 7-3:30, Monday through Friday.  I love the hours.  I know he doesn't have to work really late or at night.  Unlike his "driving across country" job, he will be home every night.  For that, I am thankful.  I know he will do great.  His birthday is October 3.  He will be 34 years old.  I have something special planned for the weekend before his birthday.  I love you Tim!!!!

Thanks for reading...   ; )


Friday, September 9, 2011

Writer's Block, Anyone?

I don't really think I had writer's block.  I have just been so busy.  The Princess has been sick, not once, but twice.  Tim & I have been sick and so has Boog.  I am just going to do some random blogging below, to get back in the swing of things.

  • Boog is 100% potty trained.  I am so thankful and so very proud of my little man.  Our conversation:  "Mommy is so proud of you for being potty trained!"  Boog-"What is this twain chew keep talkin 'bout?" Points to toilet..."That is potty, not choo choo twain, Mommy!"  LOL.
  • My new bundle of joy is due the second Monday of November.  I can not wait to meet her.  She bumps around in my tummy all day long.
  • We have a Pomeranian puppy. Tim's Mom bought her as a gift for the babies birthdays.  We named her Lei-Lei (pronounced lay lay).
  • The Princess has 5 teeth in and has several more breaking through her gum line now.
  • I am amazed at how different the kids are.  Boog has a hyper personality.  He is constantly running around and talking and being a pure boy.  The Princess is super sweet.  She just wants to be lovey dovey.  She carries her babies around and kisses them and tries to brush all of our hair.  She even makes a little smack noise when she kisses.  She has stolen Tims heart and mine too.  Boog is a Mommy's boy though and I wouldn't trade him for the world.
  • I had an 82 year old woman hit my car, who just happened to be my 6th grade teacher.  She smashed in my entire drivers side fender and door.  I was going straight and she decided to make a left hand turn into my drivers side.  I think she hit the gas, meaning to hit the brake.  It is still in the shop.  In the meantime, I am driving a Chevy Aveo.  This little rental car is way too small for our family.  The car seats barely fit in the back.  At least I have something to drive though.
  • I took Boog to church Sunday.  He had a blast.
  • Tomorrow, Mom and I are going to see Whitney  : )  Can't wait.  Love you Sis!

That's all I have time for tonight.  I will try to blog again soon.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A little Randomness, to catch up.......

  • I've had a busy past month and half, preparing for Tim's departure on the open road, taking care of two little rascals & trying to keep my roomie out of trouble.
  • First of all, Jill no longer lives here.  I have two small children that come first in my life and I don't want them around certain things.  Yes, Jill is single, but I explained to her if that was the lifestyle she was going to have while living here (different man every night) then she needed to think about moving along. 
  • I did try to get her to stay, reminding her that she wants her young 12 year old daughter & 15 year old son to respect her.  Needless to say, she moved in with the guy that she has previously spent the night with. 
  • We both said some things that can't be taken back and we will never be friends again.
  • I thought she had changed from the last time she stayed with me but obviously not.  That is enough about that situation.
  • The Princess is a professional walker/runner now.  LOL.
  • Tim left on July 4.  Not sure when he is coming home.
  • The Princess has a birthday coming up and a party in a week and a half.  I can't wait!!!
  • Casey Anthony was found not guilty.  I am still in shock!
  • I am now 23 weeks preggers.
  • I find out what I am having this Friday.  ; )
  • I am not as lonely as I thought I would be.  The kids really do keep my mind off the fact that my Hubby is on the road.
  • I love my Mom because she helps me out soooo much!!!  I am thankful and blessed to have her.
  • I stayed with my Sister on July 4 after dropping Timmy off in GA.  She was a sweetie and kept the kiddos while I dropped Tim off.
That's all for now.  Maybe I will feel like blogging again soon.

Monday, May 30, 2011

10 months old & walking!!!

The Princess
took 4 steps today!!!!!

The Princess is 10 months old and standing up everywhere.
Today she took 4 whole steps!!!!
Literally almost made me cry!!!
She is getting so big.  I hope to catch this on video soon and I will post it.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mommy & Boog time...

If your 2 year old is being quiet, you should worry!

This is Boog covered head to toe in baby powder.
While I was doing laundry, I noticed how quiet the house was & went searching for Boog.  He had a brand new bottle of baby powder that he opened and sprinkled around his room and put all over himself.

Later on, he made a "gate" or "wall" with things in his room.

All in all, it's been a pretty good day.  We played in the pool.  I let him soak me.
I basically just sat beside his little kiddie pool while we threw water at each other.
He would get a bucket of water and say, "You want this Mommy.  I am going to give it to you."
Then he would douse me.  When we went inside, I told him that he soaked me.  He said, "Mommy, you can't soak a wet butt."  LOL.  I don't know where he comes up with these phrases.

He had a hard time seeing 'cause the sun was in his face.
This is our kiddie pool and tent. LOL.

Tim washed the cars.  I let Boog jump on the trampoline and then we took his tricycle to the road and he mastered peddling.  I was really proud of him.
I enjoyed spending so much quality time with him today.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Six Word Saturday...

Happy 10 Months to The Princess!!!!

The cutest little girl, ever!!!!!
Happy 10 month birthday sweetie!!!
Mommy loves you with all of her heart.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Bored to death...

I am super bored today.  Jill left for a week in Panama.  Lucky girl.  I would give my pinky toe to have a weeks paid vacation on the beach.  She took LB and Baby girl home today.  Josh is home from the road for a bit.  We all have missed him.  I took the kids over to Mimi's to see him. Boog has been on a hyper binge.  He kept smacking Mimi and saying, "Mimi, you got knocked out."  It's really hard to not laugh at him when he is acting up.  Both babies' took a nap so I went to Wally World to buy up a few groceries.  Tim got to leave training early and pulled up 5 minutes after I did in the driveway.  ; )  I am going to refill Boog's pool so we can "swim" tomorrow.  The weather is supposed to be amazing.