Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A little Randomness, to catch up.......

  • I've had a busy past month and half, preparing for Tim's departure on the open road, taking care of two little rascals & trying to keep my roomie out of trouble.
  • First of all, Jill no longer lives here.  I have two small children that come first in my life and I don't want them around certain things.  Yes, Jill is single, but I explained to her if that was the lifestyle she was going to have while living here (different man every night) then she needed to think about moving along. 
  • I did try to get her to stay, reminding her that she wants her young 12 year old daughter & 15 year old son to respect her.  Needless to say, she moved in with the guy that she has previously spent the night with. 
  • We both said some things that can't be taken back and we will never be friends again.
  • I thought she had changed from the last time she stayed with me but obviously not.  That is enough about that situation.
  • The Princess is a professional walker/runner now.  LOL.
  • Tim left on July 4.  Not sure when he is coming home.
  • The Princess has a birthday coming up and a party in a week and a half.  I can't wait!!!
  • Casey Anthony was found not guilty.  I am still in shock!
  • I am now 23 weeks preggers.
  • I find out what I am having this Friday.  ; )
  • I am not as lonely as I thought I would be.  The kids really do keep my mind off the fact that my Hubby is on the road.
  • I love my Mom because she helps me out soooo much!!!  I am thankful and blessed to have her.
  • I stayed with my Sister on July 4 after dropping Timmy off in GA.  She was a sweetie and kept the kiddos while I dropped Tim off.
That's all for now.  Maybe I will feel like blogging again soon.

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