Sunday, September 25, 2011

The next three months...

     In a little over a month it will be Halloween!!!!  I need to find costumes for Boog and the Princess.  I asked Boog what he wants to be but, I don't think he understands.  LOL.  He says, "I don't know!".  I think he would make a wonderful policeman.  I would love for the Princess to be a bumble bee or lady bug.  Boog only weighed around 5 pounds his first Halloween so we didn't take him trick or treating.  He was a bumble bee when he was 1 and superman at 2.  The Princess was a lamb last year.  My sister is coming down this weekend & we are going to find some outfits.
     In a little over six weeks, baby girl #2 will make her appearance.  I am excited and scared.  LOL.  I am super excited to meet her.  I am terrified of surgery.  After two cesareans, they do not get any easier for me.  The entire process literally makes me have an anxiety attack.  I sound silly, huh?  I just have a huge fear of surgery.  I can take shots & IVs like a champ.  Epidurals and my belly being cut?  Ugh, not so much.  Hopefully, I won't stress out too much.  I can't wait to meet the little ninja in my tummy.
     In three months, Christmas will be here.  I love Christmas.  It is my very favorite holiday.  I love my Christmas tree and all of the decorations that go with it.  If my hubby wouldn't flip out, I would put it up now.  Ha ha.  I love the weather and spending time with my family.    I can't wait!!!!  I need to start shopping for presents asap!  I will have 3 kiddos to buy for this year.
     My husband starts a new job tomorrow.  We are both excited.  For the most part, he will be working from 7-3:30, Monday through Friday.  I love the hours.  I know he doesn't have to work really late or at night.  Unlike his "driving across country" job, he will be home every night.  For that, I am thankful.  I know he will do great.  His birthday is October 3.  He will be 34 years old.  I have something special planned for the weekend before his birthday.  I love you Tim!!!!

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Kasi said...

WOW...hard to believe that in 3 months it'll be Christmas! Do you have a name picked out for baby girl #2?