Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fender Bender Tuesday...

Today I had to go to Gadsden to return Tim's store keys to Marvins.
I was going to do this yesterday and accidentally left them at home. ; (
While at Walmart, I saw a very interesting person that I needed to catch up with.
I decided to follow that person.  LOL.  Amanda, P.I.
I am the worst PI in the world.  The car I was following turned into Johnson's parking lot.
I followed and found a comfy parking space with a decent view.  The old man parked next to me had the ideal spot, so when he moved, I decided to jump on in his slot to grab a better view.
Low and behold............Mrs. Primpy Prissy Primp in her convertible Chrysler came out of nowhere and I backed right into her.  Ugh.
This is my car below.  I actually busted my tail light but didn't know it at the time I took this picture.

The white car is Mrs. Primpy's.  I exchanged paint with her.
I guess I need to stick with being a Mommy and not a PI.
Lesson Learned.

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