Thursday, May 19, 2011

14 weeks...

I am 14 weeks pregnant and my little bean is the size of a lemon.  I have a doctor's appointment today and I should be scheduled next month for the sonogram to find out the sex of the baby.  I am excited.  I took an IntelliGender test to find out the sex, about a month ago.
You can buy this test at Walgreen's for $30.  The one I took said I was having a boy.
Stay tuned to see how accurate this test is.
Boy or Girl???
We have a 3 bedroom home.  So two of the kids are going to have to share a room.  If I am having a boy, he will bunk with Boog and if it's a girl, she'll room with The Princess.  Boog will probably freak out if he has to share his room with someone.  The Princess will love it.  I hope the IntelliGender test was wrong and that I am pregnant with Princess #2.

Boog piled all this stuff in his doorway so the Princess couldn't enter.
No girls allowed!  LOL.

My doctor's appointment is @ 2 today and Mrs. Miller is going to watch the babies'.  I hope they behave for her.  She kept them a couple of hours last Saturday so Tim and I could go grab dinner before he left for his training and she looked exhausted when we returned.  I am glad Mimi is right next door in case she needs a helping hand.

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Kasi said...

Hope your appointment went well!